Cobrra Nemo 2 Motorcycle Automatic Chain Oiler Kit (Universal)



Cobrra Nemo 2 Auto Chain Lubrication System for Motorbikes

It only applies a small amount of Lubrication when you want it too making it so your in complete control of when you Want and feel it necessary

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Cobrra Nemo 2 Auto Chain Lubrication System - A Suberb Alternativ..

it only applies a small amount of Lubrication when you want it too making it so you're in complete control of when you want and feel it is necessary, eliminating the unwanted Lubrication spraying all over your back wheel and swingarm and hours of cleaning.. A revolution..

Why would i want to fit a Chain Lubrication System in the first place?

Picture this - You've been out riding your motorcycle, and you've been caught out and got wet, all you want do is put your motorbike straight into the garage and get out of that wet biking gearing, the last thing on your mind is your bike and the fact that your chain if left will start to potentially develop surface rust and the longer its left the more unsightly it will look along with shortening its life, Just imagine if you had a means of been able at the simple twist of a Chain lubrication system that was located close to hand on the handle bars, or clip on you could have activated a few miles away from home how you would now have a chain with a coating of oil on it when you parked it away in the garage preventing it from forming surface rust reducing its life. Well a unit that works as well as it looks is finally here - The Cobrra Nemo 2.. 

Is it worth spending this kind of money on a Chain Lubricating system?

In a nut shell yes - By prolonging the life of the chain your reducing your cost to ride, Its not just the cost of the new chain and sprockets its the cost of labour you have to pay someone to fit it you need to also put into the pot when deciding to purchase such a unit. And don't forget the time each week you spend giving your chain a coat of chain spray and then spending the following weekend degreasing your rear wheel and swing arm.. With the Nemo 2 you only need to activate it when you feel your chain is due a lube, so this way your not saturating the chain with lube causing the excess to fling off which you can do when you apply chain lube from an aerosol..

I have more than one motorbike, do I need to purchase this kit for all of them?

No, the beauty of the Nemo 2 is the reservoir can quickly be un-bolted and fitted to your other motorcycles all you need to purchase extra is the feed line kit which is available to purchase separately, vastly reducing the cost making it the most cost effective Motorcycle Chain Lubrication system there is..  

The Cobrra Nemo 2 is a motorbike Semi Automatic chain lubrication system designed & developed by Cobrra. The Nemo 2 simply powers itself based on the principle of compression created within the unit itself. This Motorcycle Chain Lubrication System is one of the most easy to install and maintain systems as it requires no modifications to your bike and it almost maintenance free as the moving parts within the unit itself are lubricated by the same gear oil used to lubricate your chain.

The kit includes the Nemo 2 reservoir (a multi chamber rotating reservoir) made from a light anodized aluminum which neatly mounts on or around the Handlebars making it easy to operate and top up with Lubricant, a thin black plastic feed hose that is 286 cm in length. An adjustable guide arm from the drip tube is included, which helps you to locate the oil deposit exact in the correct position for the tip of the drip tube, just over the chain. Cobrra also includes an aluminum Spanner for service and for adjusting the drip tube guide arm and enough cable ties and two small adhesive cushion pads which you can use for attaching to framework allowing you to then simple and neatly route the pipe from the reservoir to the rear end of your motorcycle, and instructions on how to mount and use your new Cobrra motorcycle chain Lubrication system are included .

Technical Specifications

Casing and Rectifier are constructed from CNC'd Aluminium and Anodised to protect it from the elements

Uses a compression principle which is generated within the unit and not reliant on vacuum or gravity. No modifications to your Motorbike are required.

Uses 80w - 90 Gear oil for regular usage and high speed Bio oil is recommended for off road use

Approximately 3000 miles can be achieved from a full reservoir dependant on the riding conditions (Rain, Dirt) and how many times you operate it

Recommended to Lubricate every your Chain between 100 - 200 miles or so, more frequently depending on the riding conditions your using your motorbike.

Oil level can be easily done by the opening the reservoir lid or the oil level indicator located at the bottom of the reservoir housing.

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